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3. Unpacking and Installing

3.1 Unpacking

'jeb' only comes as a binary zipped tar file. When unpacked and compiled it cons ist of 2 binaries, a perl module, a start script and a config file. Beeing used as an addon to mSQL, the executeables is placed in the 'Hughes/bin' directory, a nd the config file (jeb.conf) in the Hughes directory. The installation makefile rely on finding the Hughes directory in the home directory of the user doing th e installation. If it isn't there you need to make a symbolic link. If f.ex. it is placed at /usr/local/, you have to type

% ln -s -d /usr/local/Hughes ~/

unpacking the tar file is done with the command

tar -vxzf msql-addon1.5

Having mSQL installed, the PATH should contain the directory and <something>/Hug hes/bin.

3.2 Installation

From directory  /msql-addon1.5, execute 'make'. Two compiled executeables and tw o shell scripts is placed in Hughes/bin/, libjeb.a is placed in Hughes/lib/, jeb .h and msql2jeb.h is placed in Hughes/include/, this document is placed in Hughe s/doc and jeb.conf in the Hughes/ directory. 'make clean' is a way to undo the i nstallation.

Files Installed: jebd The main server, should be started at every site using the DDBMS. The lock manager, is started at only one site. jeb.conf The configuration file, contains info about port numbers and pla cement of Lockmanager. startjeb A script to start jebd, and if present, the Lockmanager . stopjeb A script to shut down jebd, and if running, and an option is given, the lock manager too. jeb-sh An mSQL monitor-like utility, with an ugly dump of m_result structure co ntents. libjeb.a A static C++ library for making C++ jeb-mSQL applications . jeb.h An include file with declarations to make jeb-msql applications. jeb2msql.h An include file to recompile old msql application to run uder di stribuated control. Howto-jeb This document.

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