dFront Project
- A frontend for distribution of msql


The project has it's origins in an assignment from the 4th. semester on Niels Brock (Copenhagen Business School) the Distributed Systems course (DIS). The project initially got the working title JEB formed by the letters of the original project group.

The original and current project group consists of 3 members.

The project goal is to implement a frontend for handling distribution of msql databases between several sites. The dFront package currently consist of a Transaction Manager (TM) and a Lock Manager (LM).

Project Links

Project summary page at sourceforge

This page provides online forums, downloads, news, bugreporting facilities etc.

Project Milestones

2000.04.06: Project start

The Assignment was handed out an the project group was formed.

2000.05.21: Sourceforge Application sent

The application was sent to sourceforge, and within 24 hours the project was accepted (as promised).

2000.05.29: Assignment deadline

The assignment starting the whole project has to be handed in.

????.??.??: Project Deadline

Well next milestone should be out initial realease of the complete package, but since we haven't set a deadline, it's hard to predict when this will be.

Project Documentation

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